Current game status

Since Dec 2015, we have been intensively working on the game. Currently we have the majority of the game working, and what you see in the videos is directly from the game - no made-up cinematics. But there is still a lot of work to do. Our estimation is that we should have a playable beta version in the fall of 2017. Stay tuned.

What is LostHero?

LostHero is unique among RPG games, with tower defenses and an in-game level building system. It can be played as a single player game or as a cooperative game with your friends. You can also become a member of an online clan and help each other.

You can manage multiple characters with different equipment that you are finding and improving during the game.

You have a home base that you build throughout the game, where you can also accommodate NPCs you find during your journey that will help you. Among the NPCs are trainers, blacksmiths, merchants, architects and many others. It's up to you how you will invest the resources and improve your base level.

Then there are the dungeons. You will travel into dungeons where you will fight monsters and get through traps and puzzles. Your primary goal is to find the monolith, charge it with energy obtained from the monsters and exit through the final gate.

There are multiple ways to fight your way through the dungeons. You can focus on cold steel and become a warrior, or use bows and throwing weapons, or use spears or even build devices that will kill the monsters for you. Of course you can use any combination of those tactics, creating your own, unique way to overcome the dungeon. Playing the coop becomes even more interesting, where you have an opportunity to specialize and hone your skills in one area.

At some of the levels before the monolith gets charged, the first interaction with the monolith will activate spawn points which will generate multiple waves of the monsters. Here you will use all your building skills to erect passive barriers or active towers. And you will definitely use the help of your friends.

You can also build your own dungeon levels, play them with your friends or share them online - in-game.

We have lot of ideas we plan to implement into the game. Our purpose is to create a game that you could play almost endlessly. As the game expands and our community grows we will continuously add more and more different components to create the dungeons, items, game mechanics, and so on.

We love RPGs, and our goal is to offer the best game possible.

Game background story

The LostHero universe is a dark place.

Once ruled by a mighty and righteous race of the Hilgardi, it became corrupted upon their decline. The Hilgardi, wise enough to predict their fall, had found the only race compatible with their technology – the T’grank. T’grank were a primitive and superstitious race, but possessed a natural intuitive skill in using Hilgardi technology. But they weren’t able to truly understand it. The Hilgardi passed the technology onto the T’grank with the hope that they will gradually evolve into a better race.

But as time passed by, the primitive T’grank became more and more obsessed with the power that came with the Hilgardi technology. They started to delude themselves they were equal to gods and a growing fear of losing this power soon followed. They started to seek out and destroy anyone and everyone who could pose a threat to them, anyone who was able to understand how it works. And that’s how the technology slowly turned into magic and their universe became a dark place to live in.

Before the Hilgardi became extinct, there was a small group among them that remained very suspicious of the T’grank. They secretly started a project to genetically grow bodies able to use their technology – the HilKind. They built a hidden laboratory run by robots that would continue the project. The robots were programmed to not destroy any life they created and thus they were releasing the breathing results of their developments across the universe.

Meanwhile the T’grank started to experience deterioration of the technology. Their empire slowly started to fall. It was at this point that they found out about the Hilgardian Robots and the HilKind. They couldn’t find the Robots, but they started to hunt down the HilKind. They discovered that most of them had abilities the Robots didn’t see, and that those abilities were only activated by life threatening experience. So they started to organize arena fights. These became very popular and were widely broadcasted. Naturally, they wouldn’t provide the HilKind with any sort of weapons that could threaten the T’grank, so only primitive weaponry was being used. But as the became more and more activated, “magic” started to enter the game.

You are one of the many HilKind created by Robots and you got captured at one of the T’grank-run arenas.