New Warrior Armor

We are moving forward a lot. Here is new Warrior Armor. You can also see some major improvements on the interior of the first Temple.


New Main Character


Game Screenshot

Before I’ll post video from the game, here are some game screenshots rendered from real game.

Temple of Fate

Temple of Fate

Sea view

Sea View

LostHero: Island of Lost Souls


We are working on new game called LostHero: Island of Lost Souls (working name). It’s prequel to major game that I plan to develop.

We worked on the game for last 6 months and finally we start to have something to show.

I’ll start to put here periodically post from our progress and I’ll really like your feedback.

Game it self is DarkSouls style game – lot of fights, when you kill somebody you get energy that we call MoJo. When they kill you your MoJo is dropped at place of your death and you are able to pick it up before you die again. You can use MoJo to level up or buy items at shops. Your equipment can be leveled too. And you fight bosses that gives you extra MoJo and special items. On top of that we have abilities that are automatically leveling as you use them. For example Sword skill will level up based on usage of the sword etc..

At the very start you can choose between four professions – Warrior, Adventurer, Mage or Ninja (yeah everyone loves Ninjas 🙂 ) Choosing of profession will automatically give you level 10 and set some of the attributes according your profession. But the game itself is not lock for profession and you can use any item, if you have your basic attributes at required level.

We have all the basic mechanics ready and on paper they look good, now we need to start to test them.

Of course there is still lot of work and we are just on the begging.

Whole game is developed in Unreal Engine 4 which is just amazing tool.

I want to post in 1-2 days video from the first level so you will see what we are doing.

See you soon.

Omorote Hideoshi